Weight and Measures

Titan Aviation Services operates weight and measures services on all types of refuelling equipment dedicated to commercial or military aviation:

  • Mobile : aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers, hydrant carts …
  • Fixed installations : fuel farms, fueling terminals,…

In a few figures

  • More than 300 periodic audits per year
  • More than 50 primitive checks after repair by year
  • Roughly 15 EMLAE under MID regime per year


Titan Aviation Services operates periodic verification on behalf of key account contractor orders such as: TOTAL, BP, SASCA, SKYTANKING and curative weight and measures on behalf of EXXON MOBIL Aviation, SHELL Aviation


Titan Aviation Services uses first class human and material resources to accomplish the contracted missions :

  • Staff and technicians qualified, duly authorized and experienced in the field of weight and measures applied to the refuelling equipment
  • Dedicated  fleet of vehciles and equipment :
    • 7 vehicles Intervention workshop with a lot of metrological components allowing a prompt healing solution on the majority of the current incidents
    • COFRAC gauges equipped with specific mobile columns to connect to  high flow hose : 3 x 5000 liters – 3 x 3000 liters – 2 x 2000 liters – 2 x 1000 liters
    • 9 Connected digital thermometers
    • 8 Calibrated explosimeters
    • 6 military grade laptops