Start-up and Maintenance

Start-up and Maintenance of Aircraft Refuelling Equipment


  • 2 days at customer site during equipment start-up


  • Refuellers
  • Team manager
  • Maintenance staff


  • Protocol knowledge for fuelling operation
  • Basic knowledge in automation : electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • Basic knowledge in mechanics and jet fuel circuit


  • To ease the acquaintance and the use of the new equipment and allow end users to be more efficient in refuelling operations;
  • To allow stakeholders to become familiar with technical architecture of the equipment and better understand its maintenance, and troubleshooting.


The field service technician performing the commissioning of new equipment will explain both in theoretical and with “hands-on” practice on the following topics

  • Equipment refuelling functions
  • Petroleum specific Components
  • Micro Filtration
  • Weights and measures (meters and registers)
  • Pressure control system (ILPCV/HEPCV)


  • Titan Aviation Services is registered as a training center under license # 82690897969