Titan Aviation Services operates technical services for preventive and corrective maintenance on all types of refueling equipment dedicated to the commercial and military aviation:

  • Mobile facilities: bowsers, servicers, refueling trucks, …
  • Fixed installations: oil depots, fueling terminals, …


Titan Aviation Services operates in a sustainable manner for large accounts and contractors such as TOTAL, BP, Exxon Mobil Aviation, SASCA, Armed Essences Department, Skytanking.


Titan Aviation Services uses first class human and material resources to accomplish the contracted missions :

  • Qualified and experienced technicians in the oil and refuelling fields
  • Dedicated fleet of  vehicles and equipment:
    • 7 Specially equipped Intervention vehicles
    • 4 Intervention vehicles
    • 8 Regulation proof banch, including one dedicated to large flows
    • 8 Connected digital manometers
    • 8 Specific tooling sets to control Carter nozzles
    • 8 Calibrated explosimeters
    • 5 Portable welding stations
    • 8 Ventilation proof benchs
    • 6 Military grade laptops
    • 6 Millipore test cases